A very warm welcome to all those who are making a conscious effort to help preserve our Planet for future generations to enjoy. We invite you to embrace a centuries old discovery that many in the West are not even aware of ...


Do you purchase bottled water, use expensive cartridge filters or simply wish to improve the taste and quality of your tea, coffee and drinking water? If so, we bring good news! For over a thousand years, people living in the Far East have treasured an extraordinary 'secret' for producing clean, pure, mineralised drinking water simply by using small pieces of carbonised charcoal to remove harmful contaminants...















So why is Binchotan so effective at removing impurities from water, what's the secret? ... Just ONE GRAM of Binchotan carbon-charcoal has a total surface area of approximately 500 square metres, that's more than a full size tennis court! Each standard size pack of Binchotan carbon-charcoal we supply is guaranteed to weigh at least 40grams, providing a total surface area of ADsorbing media far greater than conventional jug filter cartridges.


EauWelle - a UK company - has partnered with a family of Artisans who possess the skills and knowledge required to create authentic, premium grade Binchotan, faithfully produced to the original specification that's been handed down from generation to generation over many centuries. Why not join our campaign to reduce the horrendous environmental damage caused by ever growing mountains of discarded plastic bottles and filter cartridges that are slowly but relentlessly choking our Planet. It is a disturbing fact that there is more plastic than life-supporting plankton in some areas of the Ocean ...


If you want to help Planet Earth and save £££'s on the cost of bottled water or single use jug filter cartridges that leach toxic residues into the land, then you should talk to us without delay!

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Better Than Bottled Water?

Watch the following video and observe something you probably haven't seen before - a stick of carbon rich charcoal emitting miriads of tiny bubbles in a jar of water. It may seem hard to believe, but this eco-friendly water purifier is destined to make expensive bottled water and conventional jug filter cartridges completely obsolete ...


What you are witnessing in this third party commercial is ordinary tap water being transformed into 'super-hydrating' h2o - without using any plastic coated filter cartridges or chemicals! Indeed we are claiming that anyone can enjoy clean, refreshing, ionised, non-acidic drinking water thanks to the proven principle of ADsorption. Unlike Br##a style jug filters, Binchotan carbon-charcoal has the power to remove or significantly reduce a wide range of contaminants from domestic tap water including Free Chlorine, Chlorination by-products (THMs), Heavy Metals and many other harmful toxins!

Binchotan carbon rich purifiers are extremely versatile. We recommend they be

used in Glass, Food Grade Stainless Steel or Tritan™ BPA-free drinks dispensers.


'Tap To Table' Classic Decanter For Those Special Occassions

Pour Yourself A Glass

Of Chilled, Purified Drinking Water Straight From The Fridge: How Refreshing!

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Super-Size 2.8 Litre #Tritan™ BPA Free Jug-Dispenser Includes Ice Cube Insert, Tea / Ground Coffee Infuser Plus Fruit or Carbon Filter Basket




Included With Our Tritan™ 2.8 Litre Jug - A Dual Function Perforated Basket. Ideal For Either Fruit Or The Binchotan Carbon Filter/Purifier.

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'Binchotan' high carbon charcoal is sourced traditionally from the forests of Wakayama, a province in southern Japan. The branches from a unique species of oak tree are sustainably harvested then fired in special oxygen free ovens at temperatures exceeding 1,000 degrees Centigrade - now that's hot! Genuine Binchotan (unlike ordinary charcoal) has a natural ability to ADsorb harmful toxins such as Chlorine, Chloramines (THM's), Mercury, Cadmium and Copper from tap water and simultaneously impart health supporting minerals including Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium and other beneficial trace elements back into the water.